Friday, June 27, 2008

Rose among the Thorns

Just few days ago, the guys decided to make a trip up to Penang
for a 'rightful' Cause

Dats right!!!
U must be wondering how i survived with all the fats and calories dat went down my tummy, absorbed through my intestinal wall, and get deposited beneath my skin....
huhuhuhuhu...I know!!!
Need to cut down on my diet after this trip since my will to exercise is nvr strong enuf to even move a single muscle...

Being the only gal,
this trip have definitely enlightened me more bout this crazy bunch of guys

and ofcoz The MAIN highlight of the trip is non other than


Bernard ate
Andrew ate
Kenny ate
I ate and Andrew looked like he wanna eat me too

We all ate
Yap ate

Yap ate AGAIN

and AGAIN!!


They came up with a new reality program called

Are You A Loser?

The first episode features Bernard as the host and Yap as the contestant
In dis episode, the challenge was to finish 10 glasses of ice water in 100sec

Could Mr. Yap complete the challenge??


Yap was officially crowned the first Loser in Are You A Loser?
Look out for more upcoming episodes
which may be aired in Youtube soon

Being the rose among the thorns in this trip,
the guys became boys all over again

see how happy they were
how they forgot that they've grown up so much

that Police and Robber ain't their game anymore and Playstation is a lil too old for them
But then again, let Boys be Boys

I certainly had a great time with them other than getting fat!!!
Looking forward to the next trip!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i'm a GLOWer

After more than a year in SIBKL,
i'm finally attached to a cell!!!
Proud of me??
yeah i know i know...u guys have been asking me to join cell
i've been procastinating on which cell to go to....
but deep down inside, i know exactly why I kept delaying....
It was mere LAZINESS!!!!
with my hectic uni schedule, i'm afraid i wun be able to commit fully....
dats one of my biggest concerns...
But with God Nothing Is Impossible...
so i'm gonna make it....
So, presenting my cell- GLOW UNITED
A great bunch of ppl.... gonna love them more....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Gift NOT A Problem

Someone recently told me that my blog is always bout BGR
very teenager-ish....
yeah i tink i have to agree on dat....
my blog is meant for me to record the things or thoughts dat is significant to me at any moment of my life...
and just so happen, BGR issues are de hot topic nowadays among my frens( n family)
So here it is again....another BGR post:

A says:sometime i don understand u
A says:seriously
A says:i don know why u cant get a bf?
JoL[i]N says:haha
JoL[i]N says:y?
A says:i bet a lot of guys like u
A says:because honestly speaking for mme
JoL[i]N says:but i hav to like them as well rite?
A says:u look really pretty and hot
JoL[i]N says:in pics oni la
A says:and ur attitude is special
JoL[i]N says:can photoshop ma
A says:aiiii
A says:i seen many girls, there is no one that have the same attributes like u do
JoL[i]N says:ermmm...does dat mean i'm weird 0r wat?
A says:no that means
A says:if i was back in malaysia
A says:i will try my best to date u
JoL[i]N says:whooaaa....dats a compliment.... =]
A says:seriously
A says:i think
A says:u got the special thing in u that i''m attracted
A says:i'm not bullshitting ok
JoL[i]N says:hehe ok....
JoL[i]N says:i dunno ler....i just dun seem to find de rite one yet
JoL[i]N says:i just dun fall in love easily
A says:no is because u are wise
A says:this is why, i always like girls that are smart and funny
A says:u are wise at putting reality over love
A says:u get what i mean/
A says:i not ur problem
A says:is not ur problem
A says:is ur gift

HAH!!!'s a gift!!! =p
But seriously to the gals out there, save all your love for that special someone...
it'll worth all your time....
high risk high return maaa....
Note : This is my personal conviction....not forcing it into anyone k..hehe

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do We Really Need Men?

I've just watched one of my all-time favourites all over again
A Walk to Remember
This movie never fail to make my eyes go teary
and my heart go awwwww each time
If only there's such a guy who'll go the distance
just to make the love of his life smile
oh well, IF ONLY....

I can say that movies have pretty much influenced my expectations for my ideal guy
for my future relationship...
how romantic it wud be....
how i wud go all crazy over it....
hehe...ok dun laugh....
i blif every gal dream of fantasies and fairy tales...
Sad to say that in reality, all these things are not real....
they only happen in de movies...
So *knock knock* wake up gals!!!

Last nite, I attended a Girls Conference
the topic was Do We Really Need Men?
interesting topic...
most of the points discussed were more of reminders to me...
about our (the girls) expectations on the men...
how these expectations actually changed the guys into what they are today
For example, we gals wan guys who knows how to dress properly, who has flawless skin, stylish hair etc
As a result???
Guys of today are more metrosexual, vain, go for facials(hey, up to now i've nvr been to one), inspect themselves each time they come across a reflective wall etc....
Izit really true??? or izit just they themselves evolving to a sheman?
hmmmm...sth to tink about, gals

Girls nowadays hav a list of wat they wan in a guy...
eg tall,dark,handsome,macho,romantic and the list go on n on
As we are aware, we cant hav all dat we dream of in a guy..
its simply impossible...
therefore we need to sometimes cut down our list and narrow it down to the core values that we cant compromise...
As for me,
he must be godly, loves his family,reliable, responsible, loves and protects me, makes me laugh,
brings out the potential in me, makes me feel needed,faithful, AND....
ok this list is getting longer...
i tink i shud start reviewing my own list...haha

Yesterday spoke of our role in building our man into the best he can be
Man and Woman are made to complement each other
In other words, to supply mutual needs, offsetting mutual lacks n to make each other whole/complete
Gals tend to demand a lot from the men
But we need to remind ourselves that we need to be our best so that he can be his best too....
complementary is the word
Having said all this, dis does not mean guys can sit back n relax....
Guys out there, do your part as well n dun be so kayu!!!!

Before i end,
lemme ask again Do We Really Need Men?
Yes we can definitely survive on our own...
But God created both man and woman...
surely its not by accident but for a purpose...
Physically i dun tink i need men...
i can change the light bulbs on my own...
i can reach high places on my own..(there's sth called ladder)
i can kill cockroaches myself...(errrr, mayb not...hehe...)
But i tink men n women need each other to satisfy emotional needs...
What do u tink??
Copyright 2009 iamjolin