Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woohoo's Movie Premier

Didn't know movie premier has extra large movie pass

Woohoo's book signing session at Borders bookstore

Woohoo was a great success
with cinemas all sold out in the first week after release!!
Who said local production cannot make it??!!

So proud of B for believing in what seemed impossible =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bowling =)

Last week,
we decided to do something different from our normal outing...
We went bowling!!!
The last time i played,
i only knocked down 7 pins
for the entire game !! (10 rounds!)
This time somehow i was leading at the beginning....=)

So i cleverly went and challenge B...
We agreed that
if i win, he has to bring me to a water theme park
if he wins, i've to buy us tickets to Ju-on

Towards the last round,
I was losing dee...
So i came up with stupid ideas to distract him from winning....
After all my sweat and hardwork,
guess who won??
Not difficult to guess actually.... =(

huhuhuhuhuhuh.... =((((((

B forced me to take picture with Ju-on's poster summore!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Woohoo !!!

This CNY movie will be screening in the cinemas nationwide on Jan 14th
which is NEXT THURS!!!!
It is a first ever locally produced CNY movie...
Dun Miss it!!!
Support Malaysian production ya!!!
Here's the movie trailer :

Another reason why u shud watch this movie,
B is one of the main casts =)
He is Bobby in the movie...hehe

Oh, there's also another character...

Meet Bobby's sister, Bobbylin...


Too bad she didn't pass the audition for the character=(

Bring it on 2010 !!!

My resolution for this year?
To stay focused
Grow in Faith & Wisdom
Be Secure in Him and Him alone.
I realized i'm turning 24 this new year....
I'm beginning to feel old (for real this time...sigh)
Dat means its time to get serious and no playing a fool...
Time to grow up!!
Copyright 2009 iamjolin