Tuesday, July 13, 2010


TurboJet from Sheung Wan to Macau
The Grand Lisboa amongst the other casinos
St Augustine's Church

St Paul's Ruins

Portuguese tarts...Nom nom...
Portuguese cuisine
Nightview of Macau
The Venetian

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family @ Cameron Highlands

15th-17th May
Planning our route around Camerons

Strawberry Icecream at Raju's
Morning market, BrinchangBoh Tea Plantation
Hot chocolate, tea & scones =)

Rest & relax at our apartment
Blue valley

They made my daddy look so tiny. Haha!

The Smokehouse

I made him take this. Muahahahaha
What other better ways to end the trip
if not for a beautifully captured group photo =)

Friday, May 14, 2010

He lied

He went to the florist on the afternoon of my birthday
and left me feeling lonely at home =(
According to him,
dat was the only time he had to prepare everything...
Ok forgiven!!

I know I used to say that
B can never be romantic...
But he proved me wrong this time.
I truly appreciate the fact that
he always try to make things better
for me
for US, most importantly =)

Note : You must be wondering how did I get all these pictures when it was all done in secret. Thanks to Randy who followed him and captured all these sweet moments. =)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 24th Birthday

For the whole month of April,
I did B a favor by reminding him that my bday was coming...
I highlighted 3rd May in his organizer.
I even brought up May-related topics once in awhile.
It doesn't exactly look like a favor huh?
I'm telling you it is cos he forgot my bday last year
and worst, he DID NOT do anything to celebrate my bday =(
Imagine how disappointed i was last year...
Therefore, in order to save his ass dis year,
I thought i shud do him dis lil favor =P

About one week before my bday,
he told me he had work in the morning
and could only accompany me in the evening...
I was rather disappointed
but i thought we shud make full use of the evening then...
I suggested to go Luna Bar after dinner!

Just the night before my bday,
He told me he had last minute work
and had to leave at 10pm after dinner...
I was seriously devastated
The whole nite ,
I was trying very hard to enjoy the dinner
eventhough I just couldn't contain my disappointment...
deep inside I was very hurt
cos I felt that circumstances robbed our time away slowly...
From one whole day to one evening to a 2 hour dinner....

At Opus Bistro, Bangsar
I could really see that B was trying his best to light up the situation....
He said he booked the entire row so dat we could have some exclusivity..
just as our food arrived,
an old couple came and sat right NEXT to our table...
How exclusive hor, B? =P

oooooohhhh, the cod fish....
Crispy on the skin and soft in the inside...
nom nom...

Since we still have a lil more time before 10pm,
we decided to go for ice-cream =)

After which,
B sent me home....
In my mind,
I was ready to say goodbye to yet another ordinary birthday...
After a short chat with my housemates,
I went into my room.
I opened the door, switched on the lights
and saw all these....

For a short moment,
i thought my housemates did all these...
On that very second,
a big group of ppl came into the house singing Happy Birthday~~
with B holding the birthday cake....
I was so touched and surprised
dat my tears started streaming down my cheeks....
B didn't have work in de afternoon nor after dinner...
What was he really doing during then will be shared in the next post =)

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