Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pangkor Island

Hey again,
I know it has been a very loooong time since i last updated my blog...
I was having tests....n therefore din hav de time....
anyways, before September comes to an end,
lemme update u guys bout one of the HIGHLIGHTs dis month in my life

Bout 3 weeks ago,
I actually visited Pangkor Island again since i-cant-remember number of years..
This trip unlike the other trips i went for..
ain't bout food but just to chill n have fun...
Undoubtedly, I had a whole load of fun!! =]

Day 1

On our way to Setiawan

2 cars stopped by de side of the road to take some pics

( SS i know...hehe)
At Setiawan for lunch b4 heading to Pangkor,
Cia Gong Pia (Its a local pastry)
Yum yum

Cycling - Our first activity in Pangkor

And so we set off to round de island!! woo-hoo..

Beautiful Pangkor
Rounding the whole island was de original plan

De guys braved thru de rain, cycled/walked uphill downhill n successfully completed de island

As for de gals(hehe), some did half n some did quarter... =p

The beachboys
Calling for rescue

After some fun time at the beach,
we proceeded to the hotel pool for 2nd round of splashing n drowning ppl...
Then Seafood at a reasonable cheap price for dinner...
Last but not least games at the apartment b4 we called it a day..

Day 2
We went snorkelling in de morning at the Coral Beach...
Din bring the no pics for memory =[
After dat, we washed up n journeyed back to the mainland for lunch at Setiawan

Not to be missed, some Phototaking Session b4 we left de island =]
Goodbye Pangkor

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Waiting Room

At every point of our life,
we are constantly waiting for something
be it career, education, an event or even someone...
I was asked what are some of the things i've been waiting for
n how long have i been waiting for it...
My answer was
The salvation of my family - 8 years
Graduation - 2 years
Life partner - 22 years??LOL
And the little things such as sleeping time - 24/7

So what does waiting actually mean to u?
I looked up the dictionary and here are some definitions i found

-To remain or stay in expectation of-

I am a very impatient person...
I always expect things to happen fast according to my expectations...
I just dun like waiting whether izit for de arrival of some ppl
(which explains y i'm always late..hehe...=p)
or especially when i get stuck in a massive jam... makes me vomit blood getting stuck in a traffic jam...

But for the bigger things in life,
i'm proud to say dat i've been quite successful in waiting...
Generally, i tink nobody likes to wait...
Waiting isn't an easy process even for me
especially when we really hope for sth to happen...
We pray daily n for a long time...
Yet we dun see any obvious signs or results from God...
Then there are times where we begin to feel that its impossible
and decide to quit waiting...
enter the panic room n desperation sets in...
We start making our own decisions n do things our way...
We dun mind settling for the second best...
simply bcos we do not wanna wait any longer...

It is normal for us to feel this way n expect things to happen our way i guess...
Dun dwell in in it ofcoz.... EMO!!!

-To remain or be in readiness-

However, we can never expect things to happen the way we all want it...
What we hope for may not be wat God wants for us...
There is a purpose for the wait...
Y wud God want us to go thru the waiting process rather than fulfilling His promises right away?
Y wud He want to waste His n our precious time rite?
Waiting cant be just about the wait
God builds us through the wait
so dat we wud be able to fully enjoy the fruits of His promises when its fulfilled someday..
God never say dat it'll be easy in the waiting room...
It takes us Faith for God to fulfill His promises
So if there's no way we can shortcircuit the wait,
y not we cherish dis period n equip ourselve to be ready for God's marvellous plan?
Pray that we'll be able to accept God's plan for us with pure joy watever it may be...
For all glory goes to Him...

-To remain temporarily neglected, unattended to, or postponed-

If this definition is wat waiting means to u,
then lemme share a bible verse with u
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your on understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5,6

As for me, I'm going to wait patiently upon the Lord...
And be ready for His Great Plans for me..
Hehe... =p

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