Friday, August 7, 2009

GOOOOO Malaysia!!!!

B is one die-hard Manchester United fan since dunno how many donkey years ago
So when ManU decided to have a friendly with the Malaysian team,
B surely wud not miss it for anything...
I, on the other hand, am not a fan to any specific football clubs...
I dun mind watching but i wun die if i dun la...
Since the whole malaysia will be there to support ManU,
I just had to play my role as a citizen to give my fullest support
to the malaysian team
even if i'm goin to be de only one screaming for Malaysia...
And so I went.

On July 18,
we took the lrt to Bukit Jalil so to avoid the massive jam at the stadium.
You can never imagine the ManU spirit from de lrt stations all the way to the stadium.
It was madness!!!

Everyone dressed in red
packing the lrt like sardine...
I wore red cos i had to pretend like one of those manU fans...
Or i mite be trampled over by them...

Madness all the way to the stadium..seriously!!

Everyone stood up and cheered when the ManU team entered the field

ManU scored the first goal....
Not very long after,
the Malaysian team scored their first goal..
I jumped n screamed like a monkey...
Guess wat?
B stood up n cheered as well =)
Not only that,
the WHOLE stadium cheered like crazeee.....
even louder than when ManU though MJ just came back alive.
It was so breath-taking to see the true malaysian spirit in unity
It was 2-2 draw all the way until the 85th minute
when Owen scored the 3rd goal for ManU...
Though Malaysia din win (as expected),
i think Malaysia did a fantastic job
both on the field as well as supporting.
Bravo Malaysia!!!
KUALA LUMPUR: They may be die-hard Manchester United fans but they are Malaysians at heart.
The Red Devils may have won 3-2 yesterday but it was the plucky Harimau Muda team which captured the hearts at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.
Awash with a sea of red, the stadium was filled with Manchester United fans, yet the biggest cheers were reserved for the courageous Malaysians who took the fight to their more illustrious opponents.
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