Friday, April 25, 2008

still breathing...

just finished one entire week of NIGHTMARE!!!
one more week to go and i'll be free....
looking back at de past one week...
i'm sooo glad dat i'm still breathing at this point of this time...
2 papers on Mon was enough to kill me....
wait, dat wasn't the worst yet...
de CLIMAX of my nightmare was
THREE papers on THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS on wed, thurs and fri
and all the THREE papers were killer papers...
all which requires lots of memorizing and more memorizing and more....
slept less than 3 hours the 1st nite
bout 4 hours the 2nd nite
and 2 hours the 3rd nite.....
I seriously tot i was about to collapse by the 3rd day....
but guess wat??!!!
I'm simply overjoyed dat one week is over for my finals
Thank God for giving me the strength!!
One more week, 3 more papers...
and i'll be free like a bird once again!!
i'm so looking forward to May 2...
P/S : If you happen to see a zombie walking around at midnite May 2, dun be's
just me....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

EXAMS=STRESS more week to go
and i'm in tremendous stress
have to study almost 24 hours..,
de only time i can break free from studying is when i sleep, eat and bathe...
dats it!!!!
and even with dat amount of time i spend to study,
yet it's impossible for me to finish wat i've to finish for my exams...
somebody help me plssss...
u dun hav to help me study...
all u need is to help me reduce the amount of stress....
i cant take it anymore!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Am I Too Picky When It Comes To Men??

In conjunction with the recent commotion on my chatbox,

I decided to take this test

NAHHH...ofcoz not...

i just happened to come across this website and find it pretty interesting...

so here are the results:

You Are Picky When it Counts

Like most sane women, you want a great guy who will treat you well.

But you're also willing to put up with a few flaws in your Mr. Right

You should congratulate yourself on having a realistic approach to dating.

You probably have quite a few great guys you can date!

so yes, I AM PICKY
maybe dats de reason y i'm still single??
i shall wait patiently for my Prince Charming...

Cousin's Big Day

when we speak of weddings.
there is no doubt that LOVE is in the air
Last weekend i travelled all the way back to Penang just to attend my cousin's wedding
hey marriage is only ONCE in a lifetime
And i had so much fun with my family and relatives
Here are some snapshots of the wedding:

our lil shaun
my dearest family
my grandpa n grandma
daddy's lil princesses
my beloved mum n dad
where's de groom?

buat kaypo!!
so sweeeeetttt
dats my he doesn't hav boobies
mum with her siblings
brotherly love
one big happy family

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