Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday vs Exams 1-0

Just like during most of my schooling years,
this year my bday fell between my exams once again....
However, great people made my birthday more fantastic than i expected...

I celebrated my bday with the jaw-dropper Taiwanist singer
Its non other than Lee Hom *screams*
His love songs melted thousands of hearts including mine...Oh, look who's beside me!
The man who got me the free ticket....B =)
Mum & Dad came all the way to celebrate my bday...
Love them to bits!!

Appreciate Uncle Tan n Aunt Grace for coming too!!!

On the same day,
my housemates planned a surprise birthday dinner
(which din reallly turn out surprising successfully)
I am really grateful though for all who came even
when everyone else were busy studying for the upcoming papers...
Thanks a lot...i truly appreciate it.. =)
Mostly to the mastermind behind the 'surprise' dinner,
my roomie Miss Ganstugu...
You are the Best for making my bday so wonderful amidst the torturing exam period
sings *you're beautifull~~~*

Copyright 2009 iamjolin