Friday, January 30, 2009

What sisters do during CNY

Here's what we do when we travel from one place to another
during this festive season

Dats right!

Camwhoring to the max!! =P


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcoming the Moo Moo Year

Eve of CNY
This year my family hosted our annual family reunion dinner
and coincidentally, my dad's bday falls on this same day...
So its double celebration!!

Preparation before the dinner

Look at the amount of food!!

Makan makan!!!

The hungry men Yang gelojoh makan tu aku
Grandma with her first Great-Granddaughter
Dad with mum's side of the family
(spot me)

Daddy & his Princesses
Camwhoring with the cupcakes specially made n imported from kl
Second birthday cake with Dad's side of the family

Day 1

Ang pow-giving from mummy n daddy dearest

Ps : If ur wondering how come no pics of me n my lil sis.... coming soon!! =P

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear 2009,

I've been tinking a lot bout you...
2008 has been good to me...
But I tink you'll be as good
or even better...hehe..
I made a point to
Live Life with No Regrets with 2008
And I did!!! yays!!

Few days ago,

these 3 words 'Increase your capacity'
came to my mind...
I had a strong feeling dat this is wat God wans me
to work on with you
Then yesterday, Pastor Chew spoke on
Increasing Our Capacity as well...
The EXACT 3 words!!!
I was surprised but I knew it was an affirmation from God...

So I promise God & you,
i'm going to tryyyyy to Increase My Capacity for others

With dat,
I'm going to be more patient especially with ppl who annoys me
and in traffic jams...
I'm going to do wat i can to restore any injured relationships...
As for the current and future friendships i'm going to make,
I want to be a friend who is a blessing in many ways...
For my beloved family,
i'll continue to be a living testimony to God...
In my studies,
I'll do my best and enjoy my uni life to the fullest...
As a gf,
I want to be an encouragement always...

Yup yup!
Dats how i'm going to spend my time with you
Aren't you excited?? =P
Cos i am !!
Copyright 2009 iamjolin