Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Gain is Pain?

"We build walls around our hearts to protect us from anyone on the outside getting in to hurt us. But that same wall which keeps people out, keeps us stuck inside."
-A fren, Pelupa Kawan-

Many times we try not to reveal so much of ourselves
cos we may tink dat de more ppl know bout us,
de higher risk there is for us to get hurt..
we're simply afraid...
But wat we sometimes do not realize is,
de thicker the wall we build around ourselves,
we're actually keeping ppl who really care away...

And so we learn to open up ourselves more..
When we finally do dat,
there comes another saying that goes like dis...

"The closer you come to somebody, the greater potential there is for pain."
-Cicak Man-

So tell me,
how shud we guard our hearts so dat we will not be hurt?
And at the same time, open our hearts to receive some love?
Where do we draw the line?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heart of Marshmallow

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Star Overnight

U know one of my naughty lil dreams
is to appear in a magazine
at least once in my lifetime??

But i know this dream can never come true,
its pretty obvious rite?
I dun have Angelina jolie lips
nor do i have jessica alba's body....

However with today's technology,
even impossible dream like dis can actually come true...

Now u can see me at famous boutiques

In the mall
While u are drivingAnd even on the TV co-starring the late P.Ramlee!!!

oh, and the COOLEST thing is even Paris Hilton loves me

I know it's lame...
Autograph anyone??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love is a CHOICE

SOmeone once told me dat
Love is a CHOICE
NOT so much of a FEELING....

this is something very new to me...
I always tot dat Loving someone is about how we feel bout dat person
I mean how can we actually choose to like someone...
It cant be like " Hey there, i choose to like you from now onwards"
There has to be some sort of a feeling/ attraction to want to like someone...
But then, i've actually learnt dat if its merely bout wat we feel
then do we stop loving someone when he/she annoys us with his/her bad habits?
Do we stop loving someone when he/she makes us angry?
Do we stop loving him/her when they're nt there when we need them most?
Do we stop loving them when they dun call?
Do we stop loving......?

If Love is all about Feelings,
how do u tink Jesus felt when He was betrayed, condemned, denied and tortured?
Still He CHOSE to die on the cross for us sinners
This is all because He CHOSE to love us...
If it was bout how He felt,
He wud have called upon the Father to save Him from man..
But He did not...
because He CHOSE to love us...

Well, i tink its de feelings that starts de whole thing

I believe that in a long run
it IS a CHOICE to continue loving someone...
It is a commitment we choose to make
It cant be just the feelings...
If that is the case, we just have to endure the pain dat comes along with it...

Till death do us part?
Copyright 2009 iamjolin