Monday, March 24, 2008



i just got to share this with u guys

i cant help it but laughed till i literally rolled on de floor when i watch dis video from Merlv's blog


Ps :- dat was belinda n i doing boxing on nintendoWii.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forgive, my dear child

Thank You Jesus
who was betrayed and humiliated for you n I
who was whipped 40 times for you n I
who shed copious blood and suffered tremendous pain for you n I
who carried the heavy cross down Via Dolorosa for you n I
who was nailed onto the cross without mercy for you n I
who carried all the sins of the world upon himself for you n I
who loves unconditionally the sinner in you n I
Thank You for the cross, Lord
Thank You for the price You paid
Bearing all my sins and shame
In love you came
And gave amazing grace
Thank you for this love, Lord
Thank You for the nail pierced hands
Wash me in your cleansing flow
Now all i know
Your forgiveness and embrace
Oh Lord, i'm sorry for the things i've done
i'm sorry for putting you aside for so long
i'm sorry i'm sorry
i'm sorry for being unforgiving although You forgives me each time I repent before You
Lord, this easter, I will let go of every hurt and burden in my heart
From today I will Forgive that jerk who crushed my heart into thousand pieces
Thank You Lord for making me a stronger and better person each day
Thank You

Monday, March 17, 2008

bruised *sob*

No its not a tattoo
and No, no one abused me
dun ask me how i got it..
super memalukan...
as usual i keep embarassing myself in public...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best security in town

University Tower has the best security in PJ
or even in KL...
*clap clap*
the guards asks for IC from every visitors...dats good for our safety
they even distribute free newspaper in the morning
and they gave us mandarin oranges which they couldn't finish during cny
very friendly security guards we have, dun we?
well dats not it...the best part is this:
  • they come knocking at ur door when ur shoes aren't arranged neatly(madness!!)
  • they come banging on ur door asking u not to make noise or leave when we have birthday celebrations
  • they call up when they see u hanging ur mop over the balcony...according to them, this will tarnish the image of UT..blablabla
  • they are seen standing outside the multipurpose hall whenever we hav functions there...just in case we eat around de pool or at the children's playground..
    (what are we??7 year old kids??)
  • they chase us out of our own resident if we're caught gathering at the lobby....
  • they sleep like no one's business after midnite...

Monday, March 10, 2008

my beloved Penang taken over by DAP

8 March 2008
Penang was confirmed taken over by DAP
according to Malaysia Kini
I just din know wat to say or feel when i found out
shud i be feeling glad now dat we hav a different government?
or shud i be afraid cos this is the first time we're having a new grovernment?
i've no idea...
i've a mixture of both feelings i guess...
yeah i agree dat it's time for a change in the government...
for good i hope...
and dat its time BN realize dat they're not the only one in power...
but having this new party taking over penang,
wats going to happen to penang??
will it be for the better or for worse??
i'm seriously afraid to tink further...
we'll just have to leave it to the hands of God

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What is a GENTLEMAN??

NO, a gentleman does not mean he is soft or acts like a girl...
according to the dictionary,
a gentleman is a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man
Quite true i would say...
Allow me to elaborate more on this statement...
A true gentlemen to a girl is someone who
1. walks you to your car whether it's broad daylight or late.
2. never drive off as soon as u closes the car door. if a guy ever do dat, i guess you need to 'drive off' asap too.He shud watch as you walk into ur hse safely. If it is already late, he shud even walk you right to ur doorstep to make sure ur safely back into ur hse.
3. isn't too calculative when it comes to money
4. Never slam the door at a gal's face. open the door and let the gal go first. Common sense la!!!
5. in a crowded area, always let the girl walk in front of u so dat u can watch over dun wanna walk n suddenly realize dat ur gal fren is lost somewhere rite??
6. in the cinema, when u see ur gal fren shivering. NO we're not expecting u to give us ur warm hug, ham sap!!! at least offer to get us a hot drink or ur jacket if u brought one...dun just ask"Are u cold?" (like DUH!!!it's pretty obvious rite?) and do nothing about it...
7. if u ask a gal out, never ask her to catch a cab n meet u at the mall...if u hav a car, u gotta go fetch her no matter how far or inconvenient it a man!!
8. when crossing the road, lead the way...dun just walk n leave the gal behind...
9. never let you wait alone...a true gentlemen will wait with you until ur transport comes...
10. treats every gal the same not just the one (or ones) he's interested in...
nowadays, we hav to admit dat gentlemen are rare species...
it seems dat its reaching extinction...
To the guys out there,
PAY ATTENTION to these tips if u wanna win a gal's heart fact most is the little things dat wins a gal's heart
not big things like giving her gifts, wearing the most gaya clothes, having the funkiest hairstyle,
sweet talking etc.....
i believe most gals wud agree with me...
wat about u boys out there??

Sunday, March 2, 2008

'chee mui's' Weekend

what an eventful weekend i just had!!
party for 2 days 2 nights...
reach home at 4.15 am on de first nite..
and 3.15am de next nite..
not bad huh??
still partying away when my next round of stupid tests starting this week...
oh well, uni life isn't just bout study...
so yeah...i loveeee this weekend!!!

8am- MedChem lecture
9am- had to conduct a choir which made me sooo 'pek chek' until i almost cried
10.30 am- had short breakfast with rita, simmei n pohpoh
11am- walk back to UT, took a shower, watch jap drama, short nap
1.30pm- lunch with gwen at ss2
3pm-search high n low for merlvyn's prezzie at the Curve n ikea n Tesco. walk till our toes hurt.hand-made his prezzie in a restaurant n made every customer there stared at us. so merlvyn, see how nice we are! (we're expecting sth more for our bdays ya? hehe...)

Peeping Tom

and we're done!!!

this is the one lucky chick

8pm-late for COUZ!!! sped our way to church...
8.40pm- walk in to COUZ like VIPs
11pm- decided to chill at Laundry for merlvyn's bday but ended up in The Apartment instead..great place to hang out..will certainly go there again...reasonable price for beverages..we(kenny,jon,joel,bernard etc)chatted till we were asked to leave as they were closing..n ofcoz nite is still young, so we moved on to McD at Centre Point for supper...

4am- after hours of chatting, we finally tink its time to go home...=p


12.48pm- waky waky!!

4.30pm-to church service

7.15pm-dinner at Damansara Utama with sam,jon,bernard,cherlyn,gwen,yap n usual, we talk n talk n talk till it started to drizzle..i guess dat was the cue...when bernard's around,conversation can go on n on...laughed so much dat nite...

10.15pm- left makan place...not enuf of fun de playful me n gwen decided to go for Step Up 2 at 1U..hehe

1.30am- movie ended. N still not ready to go home, we went for supper at Murni n called Merlvyn over all de way from KL town...nite is still young rite...=p

3.15am- tummy's filled n time to be good gal....

and dats de End of my fantastic weekend...

meaning its the START of another week

n dat means torturing lectures,tutorials,labs

n welcome back the dreadful side of my life...

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